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stock control software

What is stock control software or app?

Stock control software or apps are a system that monitors real-time stock data (including stock levels, condition, and location). In order to keep track of stock levels, conduct audits, complete sales orders, and other ongoing operations, companies use stock control software or apps.

With stock control, the goal is to ensure that the right amount of stock is kept on hand to meet demand while keeping the cost of maintaining stock at a minimum. Businesses can use stock control and management software to keep track of their stocks. It isn’t easy to keep track of everything your company owns without stock management systems. No longer do you have to use a pencil and paper to keep track of your inventory.

By using barcodes or radio frequency identification (RFID)-based stock control systems today, businesses can track shipments, see where their raw materials are, and be notified when their finished goods have shipped. In fact, businesses can save time and effort by utilising software instead of manual processes. Because of this, companies can now concentrate on identifying, analysing, and eliminating inefficiencies within their model.


Stock management systems for small and medium-sized businesses

It is common for small and medium-sized businesses to use stock management systems before implementing barcodes and barcode scanner systems. Identifying the process points most in need of improvement is an excellent place to start when looking for ways to reduce human error and increase efficiency.

Investing in a barcode system early makes sense if the most pressing issues revolve around the physical operations of counting.
If records are inconsistent or incorrect and can be traced back to the organisation rather than miscounts, it may make sense to begin with stock control software or apps and include barcoding when you have a clear knowledge of the benefits.

A stock control app or piece of software can be used independently of inventory management software or as an add-on to it. Start with the adoption of stock control software if your budget is low, and as your firm grows, add capabilities for optimisation and demand forecasting.

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Stock control management software for wholesale distributors

Fieldorbit’s stock management software gives you the processes and tools you need to optimise your stocks and keep costs under control. Purchase Order, EPoS, and sales order Management systems are all tightly integrated into the software.

Most importantly, using software modules for stock and warehouse management allows restocking according to forecasted demand, stock-outs can be prevented, and warehouse efficiency can be maximised. It is possible to have complete confidence in the accuracy and efficiency of your stock control procedures with Fieldorbit.

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The app that gets your stock control on the track

Allocative and evaluative processes, data-driven decisions can be made in real-time with Fieldorbit’s stock control software. Stock management must be done in real-time if a company is to run efficiently.

Software for stock control and management from Fieldorbit can help increase stock coverage and reduce losses. Giving you the ability to provide more accurate reporting and reap the benefits of higher stock returns as a result.

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Best stock management systems

Stock management system that is designed for your operation

In order to control the management of orders, receipts, and picking of both stock and non-stock items, Fieldorbit stock control software provides a critical, centralised process. There is only one platform to manage your orders from all departments and channels, with real-time status updates on both purchase and pick/sales orders.

Ensure the right product, right order, and right customer are always met by preparing pick orders requisitions for inventory items. A single pick order can include both in-stock and out-of-stock items and services, making it easier for stock pickers to ensure order accuracy. Picking errors can be identified at the source with mobile barcode scanning in Fieldorbit’s solutions. This saves time spent looking for and correcting errors at the packing station.

Businesses can manage and streamline complex operations with Fieldorbit, a comprehensive UK-based stock control software solution. Financial management, order processing, warehouses, EPOS, inventory management, and marketing are all integrated into the system.

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Enhance your purchasing and selling, build staff productivity

Control every aspect of your organisation, understand your customers, enhance your purchasing and selling, build employee productivity, and revolutionise your stock management procedures are all things you should strive for. Regardless of the size of your business, Fieldorbit has management software to meet your needs.

In order to provide excellent customer service without jeopardising your profit margins, you need Fieldorbit’s stock control software or apps. Stock can be easily transferred between branches, allowing you to run a more efficient network as a whole.

With Fieldorbit’s software, you can keep track of all of your products in one place.
Items, customers, sales, suppliers, purchasing, and reports are just some of the components in the software that work together to manage your products.

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Manage your business

End to end management


Fieldorbit’s end to end stock software streamlines the process of finding items and services by organising your stocks. You’ll be able to keep track of the items you have on hand, reorder level notifications, and gain insight into your purchasing and selling habits.

Create purchase order

Full purchase order management for your stocks

In order to keep track of all of your products and services, Fieldorbit’s software organises everything for you. Tracking stocks on hand, receiving reorder level notifications, and gaining insight into what you buy and sell are all possible features of the platform.

Add vendors with their contact information and keep track of all your invoices and purchase orders in one location. Create backorders or even drop-ship your sales orders to improve the efficiency of your purchasing operation.

To improve the accuracy of purchase decisions, link your purchasing and finance departments with your warehouse and order processing teams. Purchase orders can be automatically raised by implementing minimum and maximum level rules for your products.

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Keep your customer happy

Estimate, Invoicing and payments are eased with Fieldorbit's app

Using Fieldorbit, businesses can keep track of their stocks, invoices, purchase orders, and estimations all in one place. Users can keep track of sales activity, monthly revenue, and account information with the help of the administrative dashboard that’s included.

When it comes to inventory management, you need to know what’s on hand, what orders are on the way, and when you might need to place further orders. Fieldorbit can help you stay on top of your stocks and orders if you’re having a hard time.

Stock management might be quite challenging if you’re in charge of a warehouse or an operations department. Each inventory item must have its units, item number, and location recording, but you must also make sure that there is adequate stock on hand to fulfil customer orders in the first place.

Third-party integrations

Integrate your business

Among the most comprehensive and user-friendly systems available, Fieldorbit’s stock control software is easy to learn and put to good use.

Above all,  you can integrate with QuickBooks and Xero to handle your accounts.

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