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What is field service management software?

Field service management (FSM) software is a valuable system that promptly and at the touch of a button gives workers the necessary information. It reduces the workload for organisations, making it simpler to oversee service offerings on the ground and charge expenses for those activities. 

Most importantly, it assists companies in managing and optimising the business activities performed by field-based staff. This software allows managers and supervisors to assign workers to specific field tasks quickly and efficiently.

You can save time and money by using Fieldorbit’s field service management software to run your business.

Customers and employees benefit from field service management software, which assigns technicians to specific jobs, provides on-demand resources, optimises vehicle routes, and allows employees to log jobs directly from their smartphones or tablets. 


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For service businesses, Fieldorbit is the ideal all-in-one software. Job scheduling, CRM, service reminders, time tracking, field workers, stock control, planned maintenance, notes, staff reminders, invoicing, payments, and more can all be managed with Fieldorbit.
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Why do small businesses need field service management software?

Numerous companies offer a wide range of services, and there are dozens of things to worry about when working with these companies.

A range of tools are provided by Field Service Management Software, allowing enterprises and organisations to provide customers with efficient and great service.

You can run your business more efficiently and focus on what matters most with field service management software.

Here are some features that come with Fieldorbit’s software:

  • Assign workers to jobs based on the type of work, their availability, and customers’ physical locations using dispatching tools.
  • Workers on the ground should be informed of their responsibilities and how to accomplish them.
  • Managers can track ongoing field activities and the performance of field workers with the help of dashboards and analytics.

You can connect with field service teams using Fieldorbit’s software, which allows you to respond quickly to problems and prevent them.

Available 24/7

Put the customer’s needs first

Software has benefits that extend beyond your workforce.

Your customer service will also improve significantly. Improved customer experience may be its most significant advantage.

Communication in real-time is made possible by field service management software.

Fieldorbit is a complete business management software that lets you manage everything from work orders, parts, and assets to contracts, warranties, invoicing, and billing.

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Best field service management software

Best service software

They are designed specifically for asset-centric industries. Using Fieldorbit’s field service management platform, customers can enhance asset uptime with optimised in-person and remote service, boost staff efficiency with the finest mobile technologies, and obtain metrics that can be used to make confident decisions. 

However, Fieldorbit’s software for field service management is most commonly used by industrial product makers who need services such as equipment deployment and maintenance, electricians, plumbers and other on-site workers.

In addition, Fieldorbit’s system integrates with GIS software for location tracking, CRM software for customer information, and product lifecycle management or design software for technical specifications and instructions on maintenance and repair.

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Benefits of field service management system from Fieldorbit

Improved productivity

Fieldorbit’s system gives you complete control over your field-based activities. Employees or contractors can be quickly and efficiently assigned work based on its priority level.

If challenges arise, you can respond appropriately while ensuring that the necessary number of employees is on hand to complete required tasks. You’ll also be in a much better position to respond to unforeseen challenges that arise at the last minute, thanks to the increased visibility of your staff and ongoing work.

Assets management

To provide the highest level of service, you will need to be able to access and share valuable asset data. In order to maintain assets more efficiently, Fieldorbit’s software helps you identify issues, trends, and potential actions.

Motivated and an empowered workforce

All of your field service technicians can be connected in real-time with Fieldorbit’s software. In fact, Employees are given the information they need to perform their jobs efficiently and confidently. Their workload and schedule can also be managed with all necessary assistance provided.

Satisfied stakeholders

The ability to exceed customer expectations and improve their entire experience is perhaps the essential benefit of adopting service software.

With Fieldorbit’s service software solutions, achieving organisational goals is also easy.

Your company’s KPIs and SLAs will be easier to meet as more jobs are finished on time.

Maximise uptime

By automatically scheduling preventative maintenance, you can take care of problems before they arise. Use asset history to guarantee thorough service visits.

Benefits of field service system
Complete field work
Plan your works

Complete work the first time

Customers’ problems should be resolved during the initial visit. By integrating with customer service, you can automatically allocate the most competent engineers for the job and guarantee that they have the necessary information.

Manage your business

End-to-End Job Management

Job management is at the heart of Fieldorbit, and it is one of the most powerful systems available. All of your field workers and dispatchers are integrated, as are your schedules, custom forms, and billing systems so that everything is kept in order. You can customise Fieldorbit’s field services management system to fit your specific needs. Having the ability to define and track each stage, from the first customer contact to getting paid, gives you complete control.

End-to-End service management
Connected mobile access
Connect with office

Mobile access

Your favourite mobile devices make it easy to access your calendar. With field service management software from Fieldorbit, you can check for availability, schedule appointments, and much more. In fact, your service technicians can easily access their planned jobs from their mobile devices.

When you schedule and dispatch a job to a field technician, Fieldorbit immediately updates their mobile device with all the information they need to execute the job effectively.

These workers will have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, including where they must be and when they must be there.

Professional billing

Billing and payments

Fieldorbit was designed from the ground up to manage billing and invoicing. Fieldorbit’s software allows field techs to record their time and materials, which can then be simply translated into an invoice.

Your office staff may make final edits, sync invoices with Xero & QuickBooks, and email a copy to the customer. Most importantly, your customer can pay directly from their end.

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Customer Reviews

"We've had such a great experience with Fieldorbit's management software, from sales to implementation and continuing support."
Gas Software Customer Review One
Jayda Mayer
“Fieldorbit makes our everyday tasks more manageable and productive.
Customer review online software
Anton Drummond
“Fieldorbit's field system simplifies and streamlines scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing.”
Gas engineers customer review
Alessia Shepard

Software FAQ:

What to Consider When Buying Field Service Software

Yes! it is available in the cloud. 

Fieldorbit has iOS and Android apps. Your technicians will need to be able to access jobs on the go.


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