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One of the best facilities management software. Get the Fieldorbit's facility management system now and manage your business efficiently.

Best facilities management software

What is facilities management software?

FM Software stands for facilities management software. This software allows businesses to manage their complete repair and maintenance programme from a single web-based dashboard.

This sort of system is aimed to assist organisations to save time and money by more efficiently and successfully managing their buildings, assets, and inhabitants.

The following are some of the tasks that come with maintaining a facility:

  • Tracking and asset management
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Administration of health and safety
  • Maintenance of machinery and buildings
  • Managing projects
  • Services that benefit the environment

Get your facilities management software setup quickly

Facilities management software ensures your assets and buildings are being properly maintained and eliminates the need for extra maintenance costs. With Fieldorbit’s facility management software, your organisation can maintain your facilities and assets through an automated process that proactively tracks maintenance.
Facility management software
Available 24/7

Software for facility management that is simple and easy to use

Fieldorbit’s software for facility management is a cutting-edge management solution for your team. Fieldorbit is simply available from anywhere at any time, from your laptop to your phone and even your tablet.

With Fieldorbit’s software for facility management, you can now create work orders on the fly, receive alerts when tasks are updated, and receive asset failure alerts directly from your app, allowing your business to function more efficiently than ever! Furthermore, Fieldorbit’s facility management tool helps organisations manage their operations and procedures.

Minimise maintenance expenses

Easy planned preventive maintenance - PPM

In a facilities management system, preventive maintenance is one of the essential elements to consider. Maintenance expenses can be minimised, and asset lifespans can be extended with this software.

With Fieldorbit, renewals of schedules can be prepared automatically to ensure that the agreed-upon visit frequency is met. Businesses can maximise their resources while minimising operational downtime by using cloud-based facility management solution.

Automatic notification

Automatic service reminders

Create annual service reminders and notify customers automatically. With Fieldorbit’s facilities management system, annual reminders are simple to administer.

Plan your jobs

Super easy facilities management Helpdesk software

Facility managers can use Fieldorbit’s facility management software to handle help desk tickets, schedule resources, and manage work orders with customisable processes.

Users can place maintenance requests, pay bills and other services with Fieldorbit’s self-service facilities management software.

Most importantly, field engineers can also input data, create reports and photos directly on the system to update their work progress.

software for facility management
Drag-and-drop scheduling

Reliable resource and drag-and-drop scheduling

Fieldorbit’s facilities management software has made job dispatching a breeze. With a powerful drag-and-drop scheduler, Office managers can assign tasks to your mobile engineers and external contractors. They can also keep their mobile gas engineers organised with drag-and-drop job scheduling.

Facility managers can also use a mobile engineer tracking tool to keep track of real-time status updates. Most significantly, managers can optimise their workload and, as a result, provide the best possible customer service by upholding these activities under control.

Related solutions:

Keep your customer happy

Integrated customer portal

Provide real-time web access to your customers via your facilities maintenance system to add value to your service.

An integrated customer portal allows customers to view job updates, request service, download files, pay bills, request service, contracts and schedules.

Identify any compliance issues

Computer-aided facilities management software

Facility management software (also known as CAFM software) includes a detailed asset registry for each property. As a result, managers are able to keep track of all asset warranty dates, history and upcoming repair schedules.

Most importantly, this makes it possible to schedule future site visits in a more efficient manner. A facility management system also enables a business to immediately identify any compliance issues that may arise during work visits.

Integrate with other system

Third-party Integrations

Fieldorbit’s tool is a comprehensive, user-friendly service management solution that can be easily integrated with a variety of other systems. Allow Fieldorbit to take care of your facilities management while QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, Paypal take care of your accounting.

Top tool what you need

Facility service management tool

Facilities management software from Fieldorbit allows you to request improvements to the operation and maintenance of your facilities, track these requests, and implement the necessary changes.

The essential aspect of Fieldorbit’s capabilities is a centralised platform for overseeing the operations of facilities and assisting employees in locating support promptly and efficiently.
Make use of one of the best facilities service management solutions to organise your operations and allow you to concentrate on what is really important.

Customer Reviews

"Best system, Highly recommended for any service business.
Samara Chang
“This solution makes our business more productive."
Bibi Reilly
“Fieldorbit's tool simplifies and streamlines service management.”
Jess Cross


What to Consider Facilities Management Software

It is an advanced management discipline that is dedicated to the efficient and successful supply of support services to the businesses that it serves. In fact, a profession that encompasses several disciplines to assure usefulness, comfort, safety, and effectiveness of the built environment by integrating people, location, process, and technology is also defined as architectural engineering.

Facility management is defined by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) as an organisational function that integrates place, people and process within the built environment in order to improve people’s quality of life while also increasing the productivity of core business operations.

Various types of software are available on the market nowadays. CAFM (Computer-Aided Facility Management) software provides facility managers with administrative features such as location tracking, planning, management, and reporting.
The other form of software is CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software). The functions that it offers are quite similar to CAFM tool, but CMMS goes beyond and shows the company’s maintenance planning and execution.

One of the best facilities management systems. Get Fieldorbit’s facility management solution now and manage your business efficiently.

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