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Fieldorbit is one of the top CRM systems. It is designed for service businesses. Get your business organised with the best CRM system.

Customer relationship management software (CRM)

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For businesses, Fieldorbit is the finest all-in-one CRM system. Fieldorbit can handle everything from customers to scheduling and dispatching, appointments, time tracking, stock control, reports, reminders, invoices, payments, and more.
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What is a CRM system?

CRM- Customer relationship management is a term that refers to a system that tracks and manages customer relationships. The system helps in the management of client information.

In fact, a customer relationship management system (CRM) is a process by which a company or other organisation manages its contacts with clients, usually through the use of data analysis to analyse vast volumes of data.

A customer relationship management system (CRM) facilitates businesses in developing customer relationships and streamlining operations in order to boost sales, improve customer service, and boost profits.

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Why is a CRM system so important?

The importance of a customer relationship management (CRM) system can’t be overstated:

  • A customer relationship management system (CRM) /software allows a company to improve its interactions with customers, service users, coworkers, partners, and suppliers.
  • CRM software assists organisations in establishing a relationship with their customers, which leads to increased customer loyalty and retention.
  • It helps a company increase earnings.
  • Creating a relationship with existing clients implies that you won’t have to work as hard to re-engage them as you would with a new customer.
  • Customers feel obligated or glad to recommend your brand to others due to strong customer relationship management, which is how your firm rises to success and stability.
  • CRM technology will be the single most profitable area of enterprise software spending. You already know that if your company is going to last, you’ll need a long-term strategy. CRM software is the underpinning for that strategy for forward-thinking firms.
  • Everything is in one place: a simple, configurable dashboard that displays a client’s previous contacts with you, order status, any outstanding customer service concerns, and more.
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Best CRM systems that you need

Fieldorbit’s CRM system assists organisations in maintaining client contact information, tracking customer interactions, and managing customer accounts. Its goal is to assist organisations in improving customer interactions and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

Because of the massive amount of data that organisations collect on a regular basis, this is critical. Customer data is a problem, with Fieldorbit’s CRM systems, you can address the problem. 

Best CRM systems
Best customer relationship management software

End-to-End CRM (Customer Service Management ) System

Fieldorbit is built around one of the most sophisticated customer service management systems for businesses. You’ll have complete control over everything because you’ll be able to set and track each stage from initial contact with a customer to getting payment.

With Fieldorbit’s mobile and web apps, you can speed up your workflow, improve customer and employee communication, get real-time updates on your business information from anywhere, and reduce manual processes.

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What are the benefits of the CRM systems from Fieldorbit?

CRM software provides numerous benefits and advantages by gathering and organising data regarding customer interactions, making it accessible and valuable for all users, and allowing data analysis.

The following are some of the pros and advantages of using a CRM system:

  • Improved contact management
  • Cross-team collaboration
  • Productivity increase
  • Sales management that is empowered
  • Trustworthy reporting
  • Increased sales figures
  • Improved client retention and satisfaction
Type of CRM solutions
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Types of CRM solutions

Operational CRM- Customer relationship management (CRM) software integrates and automates sales, marketing, and customer care operations. The three primary components of operational CRM are Salesforce automation, marketing automation, and service automation.

Analytical CRM- Catching, translating, isolating, putting away, altering, handling, and describing client-related data are all part of analytical CRM. It also provides detailed investigations and reports that have been altered.

Collaborative CRM- Collaborative CRM is a collection of assets and technologies shared by multiple enterprises for identifying, obtaining, establishing, maintaining, and retaining key customers. It’s used in B2B circumstances where numerous companies collaborate on product development, statistical surveying, and marketing.

Customer data platform- A customer data platform (CDP) is a computer system used by marketing departments or businesses to compile data on individual people from many sources into a single database with which other software systems can interact.

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Customer Tools

Knowing what information you need about your customers can help you enhance how you serve them and raise the possibility that they will return and suggest you to their friends and family.

All of your customers, leads, and job details are stored in Fieldorbit’s CRM system, allowing you to access customer information whenever and wherever you want.

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Customer Reviews

"We've had such a great experience with Fieldorbit's CRM systems, from customer details to implementation and continuing support."
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Jayda Mayer
“This CRM software makes our everyday tasks more manageable and productive."
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Anton Drummond
“Fieldorbit simplifies and streamlines customer management, dispatching, and managing.”
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Alessia Shepard

CRM Systems FAQ:

What to Consider When Choosing CRM Software

Yes. They allow you to build, maintain, and strengthen profitable relationships with your customers. 

The cost of a CRM differs widely, with many CRM solutions charging £20 plus VAT per user. The monthly cost of the Professional version for internet use is £45 plus VAT per user. This is the complete package, including all sales, marketing, and customisation.

It assist you in managing existing and potential customers, allowing you to devote more time and energy to building your small business.

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