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Leading asset management software and app. It is designed for asset managers and companies to track and manage assets.

Asset management software

The right asset management software at the Right Time

Fieldorbit is an all-in-one assets management software and app for small businesses. It’s designed to help small businesses save time, be more organised, and grow.

Lead Management: Fieldorbit is a comprehensive assets management software and app that helps you find and convert more customers. You can import leads, set up appointments and send them follow-ups. There’s also a great discount and proposal system to help you close more deals.

Estimate / Quotation: Fieldorbit helps you get started quickly with quotes and estimates. Simply add the items you want to quote, complete your contact information and submit. You’ll get an instant quote back! There is no need to add every single item again if you need to update it later.

Work/Job Order Management: You can use Fieldorbit to track your company’s work order progress in real-time. You can create tasks for each job, assign them out to team members and track their progress in the app (including photos of what they’re working on). There’s also great integration with Google Maps – so it’s really easy for your customers to see where their project is up to!

Appointments: Keep track of all your meetings without headaches or forgetting an important date!


Fieldorbit - your one-stop asset management system

Fieldorbit is a modern assets management software and app that provides all the necessary tools for managing your assets. With Fieldorbit’s help, you can be sure that your company is always well-organised and ready to meet any challenge.

Solve problems instantly: Fieldorbit is an easy-to-use asset management software and app with plenty of helpful features. The solution allows you to forecast resource needs and assists in organising projects to make them more efficient.

Save time and resources: With Fieldorbit, you can now manage assets in one place. This will save you time and resources and help streamline running your business.

Convenient for all business sizes: Whether you’re just starting out as an asset manager or have been in the industry for years, Fieldorbit’s features are just as practical for large enterprises as they are for startups.

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Asset management software
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A dashboard for asset managers and your company’s assets management

Manage your business with Fieldorbit. Our dashboard gives managers the information they need to know, so they can keep track of everything—all in one place.

Stock control management: Keep an eye on your stocks and know the moment they’re running out so that you know when to place your order. You’ll never run out of stock again.

Superb assets management: Manage all your assets (stocks, machinery, goods) with Fieldorbit’s asset management tool. Keep them under control and always know what you have without any effort at all.

Reporting & contract management: Keep track of every nod in your company with our reporting tool and make sure that everyone is playing fair with their contracts. Keep on top of everything and keep it all secure!

Warranty Tracking: Never lose track of who has which warranty again! Our warranty tracking module will show you everything that needs to be done so that you can spend more time on other important tasks.

Available 24/7

Get your assets on track.

Are you an asset manager and tired of manual counting and managing? Get on top of it all with Fieldorbit. It’s the best-in-class assets management software that allows you to automate and optimise your business operations.

Automate your operations: Fieldorbit’s assets management software is a complete end-to-end solution that helps you automate and optimise your operations – from assets control, reporting to invoicing.

Track every aspect of the workflow: Get a clear idea of what’s going on at any time. You can define multiple locations and manage each one separately – without worrying about the other.

Look for efficiency at every turn: Fieldorbit provides full visibility and easily tracks all assets movements, maximising efficiency and reducing costs. The robust reporting module also allows you to generate reports in Excel for easy integration into your existing system.

Gain control over any asset’s lifecycle: Fieldorbit lets you take complete control over an asset’s lifecycle – from purchase order to delivery, as well as the option to create custom events for other activities such as inspections or maintenance.

14-day Free trial:

We provide a 14-day free trial for our service with no credit card needed. We want you to see how simple and easy we make your life as an asset manager. Get your free trial today.

Customer Reviews

"Fieldorbit has changed the way I manage my assets. Simply put, it’s an asset management software that has helped me make better decisions and be more productive in my work. As a result of using Fieldorbit, I am able to save hours every week on the tedious task of tracking and updating all my data for each of my assets. The best thing''
Walid Baxter
“I an asset manager, and I have been using Fieldorbit for over a year now, and it has helped us grow our assets in a respectable manner. The software is easy to use and set up. You can easily manage your assets on the move, and the customer service is responsive and always available for assistance 24/7. I recommend this product to any business owner looking to beef up their assets."
Aleesha Ellis
“As an asset manager, I have been in charge of managing company assets for the longest time, and I had to use all sorts of tools to do so. It was only when I came across Fieldorbit that my job became so much easier. With this software, I can view, control, and transfer all the company assets in one place. The best part is that it’s affordable for any business. ”
William Rodriguez


What to consider when choosing a software

An asset management app and software are tools that allow for the tracking of various assets for an organisation. This includes tangible assets like equipment, items, vehicles, and intellectual property such as patents. The software often includes modules that allow for the creation of an asset register, cost tracking, life cycle management and more.

Asset management software is a technology that captures all the assets in your company. It then enables you to keep track of what you have, where it is, how much it costs, who has access to it and when it expires.
Asset management software can also help with procurement. It helps procurement managers identify what they need to buy by looking at the assets that are expiring or nearing their expiration date. You can do this by comparing the current inventory with past purchase orders.

Types of asset management tools:
– Asset management software: a system that allows you to manage all your assets from one single place, saving your time and energy.
– Document management system: a tool that can store different types of files in one place. It is typically used for the storage of legal documents, contracts, invoices and other kinds of traditional paper documents.
– Digital asset management system: a tool that can help you to find and use your digital assets more efficiently by storing them in the cloud or on a local network.

Assets management software has many benefits that make it a necessary tool for any brand today. It can help organise all of your media assets and make them easily searchable. This way, you will not have to spend hours looking through files to find what you need.

Asset management app or software costs vary depending on the size of the company, type of business, and other factors. There are numerous systems to choose from, with prices ranging from free to thousands of dollars per month.

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