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Best cloud-based gas certificate software and apps. They are designed for gas safe registered engineers. Use Fieldorbit's mobile apps to produce your gas safety certificate on the go and send it straightway.

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What is gas certificate software?

Gas certificate software is a tool that lets you produce all gas safety certificates in a digital format. The benefit of the digital format is that you can access it whenever you want, whether you are in the office or on the go with your mobile device. The gas certificates app from Fieldorbit is a ground-breaking new technology that will save you hours each week. 


Mobile Certification Apps ( iOS and Android )- Generate gas safety certificates from anywhere

With Fieldorbit’s mobile apps, you can quickly and easily generate gas safety certificates. You can expand your business, go paperless, and send an endless number of certificates to your clients. This is a simple method for taking control of your workload.
Get more done with iOS and Android certification apps. Organise your team for gas certificates with customer information so that your engineers can get the job done and complete the certificate quickly and efficiently. Get certificates emailed to your client immediately after they are created, edited, or completed on-site.

Web and apps

Available gas certificates

With Fieldorbit, you can create, manage, and complete your certificates in a matter of seconds. There are numerous catagories available to you, such as gas, fire, and security, or you can have a custom category created. Increasing the number of certificates that we support in the gas industry is something that we’re constantly working on.

Currently, you are able to create the following:

  • Central Heating Commissioning Certificate
  • Chimney/Flue, Fireplace or Hearth Commissioning Certificate
  • Commissioning/ Inspection Records for Unvented Hot Water System
  • GISR – Gas Installation and Safety Record
  • Gas Testing and Purging
  • Commissioning Checklists for Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder
  • Home Installation Energy Efficiency Checklist
  • Landlord/Gas Safety Certificate
  • Liquified Petroleum Landlord/Gas Safety Certificate
  • Safety Checklist for Existing Chimney/Flue Systems In Voids
  • Danger Do Not Use – Warning Notice
Non Domestic
  • Plant Commissioning Service Records
  • Catering Appliance Gas Safety Certificates (CP42)
  • Commercial Gas Testing and Purging Forms
  • Commercial Oil Firing Service Report
  • Inspection Record
  • Mobile Catering Vehicle/Trailer Safety Record
  • Legionella Risk Assessment (RSA)

More industry-standard certificates or records will be added in the future.

Available 24/7

Drag-and-drop scheduling software

Drag-and-and-drop job scheduling makes it easy to manage your mobile engineers. Fieldorbit’s gas safety certification software allows creating jobs and changing appointments at a snap.

Your field engineers will be notified whenever a new diary event occurs. They’ll be able to see their schedules on their smartphone or tablet as a result of that notification. Because the programme / app is always syncing, everyone is always up to date, no matter where jobs are created (mobile or desktop).

online gas certificate software
Best gas service management software

Best gas certificate software solution

Fieldorbit’s gas certificate software is one the best software. In fact, Fieldorbit’s gas certificate software, on the other hand, enables you to create professional-looking gas safety certificates. In the office or on the go, gas certificate software gives you instant access to certificates no matter where you are.

Be prepared for any job with access to domestic and commercial use certificates. With Fieldorbit’s gas certificate software, you can add company name, logo, and colours as you see fit. Once your gas engineer has completed them, they’ll be saved to your customer’s profile and can be accessed from the office by your gas engineer. It is possible to email or print and mail the documents to your customer.

Available 24/7

End to end gas safety business management

The gas certifications software from Fieldorbit can be used for a lot more than just creating certificates. Managing your entire team of gas service engineers is made easier with Fieldorbit’s all-in-one management software.

Popular features include:
  • Leads
  • Create Jobs
  • Text messaging
  • Scheduling
  • Keep customers informed
  • CRM
  • Live engineer tracking
  • Customisable quotes invoices, job sheets and more
  • Real-time customer alerts and appointment reminders.
  • Planned and reactive job scheduling.
  • Engineer route optimisation.
Gas safety certificate record
Plan your jobs

Set up reminders

It is possible to set up annual reminders for planned maintenance with Gas safety certificate software. Be a resource for your engineers and yourself by providing reminders and notifications for upcoming and ongoing projects.

Create a job for all planned maintenance and assign it to engineers. Then, all of the engineers can see all of the reminders in one location.

Keep your customer happy

Capture signatures digitally

The gas certificate app from Fieldorbit makes it simple for customers to sign documents. Documents like landlord gas certificates can be quickly and easily approved by clients using this app. To ensure legal compliance, your engineers can quickly and easily capture the required signatures on-site.
This kind of real-time information is also available to managers. In order to save time when creating a gas certificate on-site, the customer details can be automatically filled in. There’s no need to copy and paste their personal data into your documents manually. The administrative burden is relieved, and engineers are free to focus on the task at hand. 

Keep your customer happy

Invoicing and payments

Generate professional invoices and estimates, and keep track of the invoices that haven’t been paid yet. In order to manage field engineers, billing, and invoicing, Fieldorbit’s gas certificates software / app was designed from the ground up. The time and materials that gas engineers use on the job can be recorded on their mobile devices and easily translated into an invoice.

With the assistance of your office staff, complete the invoice, link it to your accounting software, and email a copy to the customer. If your customers have a bank account, they can use that to pay you directly.
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Customer Reviews

"We have increased productivity by using Fieldorbit. It is the best system we ever used so far. ''
Harri Bowler
“This gas certificate app makes our everyday tasks more easy and effective."
Milla Hansen
“Fieldorbit's Gas inspection software simplifies our business.”
Taliyah Fischer

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