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Fieldorbit’s gas engineer software is designed for field service businesses. Get your software now and streamline your gas safety businesses.

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For gas engineers, Fieldorbit's gas engineer software is the ideal all-in-one service management software. Customers, job scheduling and dispatch, service reminders, time tracking, mobile engineers, inventory management, planned maintenance, notes, staff reminders, invoicing, gas safety certificates, payments, and more can all be managed with Fieldorbit.

Convenient digital certificates- Create, store and manage all gas safety certificates

It’s critical in the gas industry to keep all of your paperwork up to date to ensure that your buildings and assets are up to standards. With the click of a button, our gas engineer app allows you to complete, store, and send gas safety certificates. Completing gas certificates is, in reality, an important aspect of a gas engineer’s profession.

Certificates can be filled out on-site in minutes with Fieldorbit’s gas engineer software/app, then saved and sent straight to the customer as an email PDF or printed and posted. The gas certifications can be digitally signed by both the engineer and the customer without a pen!

Most key industry-standard digital gas safety certifications are available on Fieldorbit, including gas warning notices, gas safety records, CP17s, CP12s, and many others. More information on our gas certificate app can be found here.

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Gas Service Software
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Efficient gas engineer software for small businesses

The best gas engineer software, such as Fieldorbit will provide you with the tools you need to improve your productivity. You can do the following using our gas engineer software:

  • With a real-time customer portal, you can keep your consumers informed. Professional, intelligent, and quick. Don’t keep clients waiting—no more documentation that is incomplete, unreadable, or missing.
  • Increase your team’s efficiency. Automate as much as possible and avoid duplicating work. You can get more work done with fewer employees using our gas engineers software.
  • With a drag-and-drop scheduler, you can create, schedule, and deploy jobs in seconds.
  • With our mobile engineer app, you can keep track of your employees and track their progress throughout the day.
  • Finish the job on-site—no more working outside of normal business hours. Increase the amount of time you spend with your family and friends.
  • Save time by doing everything in seconds, eliminating paper, and becoming more organised. Quotes and invoices can be created, customised, and emailed at any time and from any location.
Available 24/7

Automatic gas service reminders with top rated gas engineer software

Create gas service reminders and notify customers automatically. A customer portal is included in our gas engineer software, allowing your customers to schedule an appointment immediately.

With Fieldorbit’s gas engineers software, boiler services and gas safety checks are simple to administer.

You could create a recurring job and schedule it to run at any interval you choose and send customers reminder emails. Moreover, you can keep customers and generate repeat business by using these efficient automatic gas service reminders.

Gas Service Software
End to end gas software
Best gas service management software

End-to-End gas job management

One of the most powerful work management tools for gas engineers is at the core of Fieldorbit.

In fact, to keep everything properly organised, your mobile workers, dispatchers, timetables, custom forms, and billing systems are all integrated.

Fieldorbit workflows are designed to work the way you do. You’ll have complete control over everything because you’ll be able to establish and track each step from initial contact with a customer to receiving payment.

You can expedite your workflow, increase customer and employee communication, access your business information from anywhere with real-time updates, and decrease manual processes that are exposed to human error with Fieldorbit’s mobile and online apps/software.
Fieldorbit features GPS tracking so you may have accurate, real-time location data at your fingertips.

Available 24/7

Drag-and-drop scheduling

With drag-and-drop job scheduling, you can keep your mobile gas engineers organised.

With Fieldorbit’s software, creating jobs and altering appointments takes seconds.

Your field engineers will be notified when a new diary event occurs, and they will be able to access their schedules on their smartphone or tablet. Everyone is kept up to date whether jobs are created on mobile or desktop because the software is continually syncing.

Drag and drop Scheduling
Software complete your gas jobs
Plan your jobs

Complete your planned and reactive jobs easily

Whether you specialise in reactive or planned maintenance, Fieldorbit’s gas service software can help you streamline your operations.

If you work in planned maintenance, you can use our annual servicing module to arrange, deploy, and assess annual gas safety inspections automatically.

This will ensure that your clients’ premises and assets are safe and compliant throughout the year.

In seconds, you can also log reactive callouts and assign jobs to the most appropriate engineer.

The gas engineer software from Fieldorbit allows you to track and select field personnel who are best positioned to respond to a new project. This is a significant time-saver that allows you to do more tasks every day.

Keep your customer happy

Customer tools

Having the appropriate information about your customers can help you improve how you serve them and increase the likelihood that they will become repeat customers and refer you to their friends and neighbours.

All customers, leads, and work details are kept in our web and mobile app, so you (and your team) can access customer data whenever and wherever you choose.

Most importantly, to keep customers informed, Fieldorbit’s gas engineers software uses email and text (SMS) notifications. You don’t have to manually send updates to clients, field technicians, or office workers with Fieldorbit’s automated notification system.

Customer management tools
Quick and Professional Custom Reports
Create custom reports

Quick and professional custom quotes and invoices

Quotes and invoices that can be prepared in seconds and from anywhere can help you avoid losing money. You can create properly branded quotes and invoices from anywhere with Fieldorbit’s gas engineer software while saving time.

You can track a quotation from the moment it’s created all the way through approval, invoicing, and payment. Above all, the payment gateway integrations and online invoicing portal in Fieldorbit’s gas engineer software allow you to collect payments via credit or debit cards.

This is ideal for busy gas engineers because it helps them to raise their output while simultaneously increasing business cash flow. In minutes, Fieldorbit allows you to produce and save your own beautifully branded quotations and invoices. Now is the time to get your gas engineer software.

Be professional

Look more professional

There will be no more avoidable mistakes, unreadable, or missing invoices. Without making your consumers wait, be professional, clever, and quick. You may use it to take signatures on your smartphone or tablet, both online and offline.

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Equip Your Gas Engineers
Available 24/7

Use software to equip your gas engineers on the go

The gas engineer mobile app from Fieldorbit is a great addition to your field service toolkit. It enables your engineers to record and save critical data and job information while on the go.

This includes the following:

  • Notes and surveys from the site
  • Reject jobs
  • Accept jobs
  • Registers of assets and appliances.
  • Certificates of gas safety and forms of compliance.
  • Certificates of boiler service.
  • Signatures of customers.
  • Photos and videos to back up your claims.
  • The data can then be synced in real-time with the back office using Fieldorbit’s gas engineer app.
Available 24/7

Detailed asset management for commercial and residential gas systems

Gas engineers may install and update assets from the site, see every related task and work history, and add assets to contracts and PPM with appropriately organised assets.

Maintain online records of assets like boilers, cookers, and gas storage tanks, including the brand, model, serial number, location, service history, and more, so you always know what is in the premises. boilers, cookers, and gas storage tanks, including the brand, model, serial number, location, service history, and more, so you always know what is in the premises.

Detailed Gas Appliance Management
Planned Preventive Gas Service Maintenance
Available 24/7

Planned preventive maintenance- domestic and non-domestic assets

One of the most important aspects of a facilities management system is preventive maintenance. It can be used to extend the life of assets and lower the expenses of asset maintenance. Businesses can manage and report on their PPM performance, and customers may access a complete contract overview through the client site.

Renewals of appointments can be prepared automatically to ensure that the agreed-upon visit frequency is met. To this aim, a company can maximise its resources while minimising operational downtime by using cloud-based gas engineer software.

Available 24/7

Integrate gas engineer software with other solutions

Fieldorbit’s gas engineer software is a sophisticated, user-friendly field service management system with a number of simple integrations. Let Fieldorbit’s software handle your field service management while QuickBooks and Xero handle your bookkeeping.

When you combine the two, you have a 360-degree business solution, as well as a strong, easy-to-use field service management platform that can replace a range of software that handles scheduling, forms, and labour management.

Gas engineers software integrations
Billing and Payments Gas Engineer Software
Available 24/7

Billing and payments

The gas engineer software from Fieldorbit was designed from the ground up to handle billing and invoicing. Our mobile software allows gas engineers to track their time and materials, which can afterwards be simply converted into an invoice.

Finalise the invoice, sync it with QuickBooks or Xero, and send a copy to the customer with your office employees. Your customer can pay you directly from their account.

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Customer Reviews

"I am a gas engineer and have been using Fieldorbit for the past few years. It is an incredible software! It helps me do my work more efficiently, which in turn has helped me get recognised for my work and get promoted. I recommend it to all of my fellow engineers; you won’t regret it! "
Gas Software Customer Review One
Jayda Mayer
“I used to work in the gas industry and had to use a number of different software programs for my job. I found Fieldorbit to be the best gas engineer software I’ve come across. It’s been easy to use from day 1, it’s intuitive & everything has a very logical flow. The other thing that I love about it is that they keep improving the app constantly."
Customer review online software
Anton Drummond
"I’ve tried many gas engineer software before, but Fieldorbit is by far the best. I was able to start using it with no training at all. The features they offer are really intuitive and make my job easier. It has helped me work faster and keep up with my deadlines."
Gas engineers customer review
Alessia Shepard

Gas Software FAQ:

What to Consider When Choosing Gas Engineer Software

It is a solution designed specifically for gas engineers and their companies. Gas engineer software allows you to handle a gas engineer’s day-to-day job as well as the back office and management teams. It’s a one-stop solution for gas and heating companies.

You can manage scheduling, communications, certificate creation, billing, reporting, and much more using gas engineer software. You can streamline your workload and provide the greatest service to your customers by keeping everyone in real-time sync.

Yes! Your data is kept up to date and secure in a cloud-based environment, which includes frequent backups and upgrades. Fieldorbit offers cloud-based software for gas engineers, which is the most effective way to keep your clients’ properties and appliances safe and compliant.

Fieldorbit’s software has iOS and Android apps. Your technicians will need to be able to access jobs, complete gas certificates, and maintain asset records while on the road, so having a completely mobile solution is critical.

The GPS tracking module can track technicians from the office to the scheduled job, enabling both security and speed while reporting reactive visits.

Effectively managing your day-to-day job is critical for a company’s success, just as it is for any other business. The burden of manual tasks is rapidly gone when you use our gas service software, and your day may be freed up for other productive work.

The cost of Fieldorbit’s gas engineer software is determined by the number of licences required and which of our plans you select. Visit our pricing page to learn more about our pricing and which features are included in which plans.

Yes, you have the option to create your own custom report in addition to Fieldorbit’s regular gas safety certificates, such as the CP12, CP14, Warning Notice etc.

Yes! Fieldorbit integrates with accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero – and others. Plus, we also integrate with payment tools like Paypal and Stripe too.

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