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Electrician scheduling software

Schedule electricians with a simple electrician software

Engineers can be assigned to a job based on location or availability using Fieldorbit’s electrician software.

Electrician scheduling software from Fieldorbit comes with a time planner and geo planning functions. No matter what your job planning needs are, we can help you.

It’s important to note that Fieldorbit’s electrician software allows you to schedule and organise jobs using drag-and-drop functionality.

Electricians will receive notifications directly to their mobile devices, allowing them to plan and rearrange jobs in a matter of seconds.

Anywhere your field electricians are, they can access their full diary with the Fieldorbit, which keeps them in complete sync with the rest of your team.


Track your electricians in the field

Electrician software from Fieldorbit offers both GPS Tracking and a mobile app.
Using these tracking features, you can see the electrician’s current location in real-time and receive automatic updates on their jobs.

In the field, the tracking feature allows you to keep track of your technician’s mobile devices.

By using Fieldorbit’s electrician software, you can discover where your electricians are located and how long they spend on site. In fact, you can also see who is the closest to any reactive jobs that may arise, which is very convenient!

When contractors use mobile electrician software, they can receive updates on planned maintenance, service repair, and installation jobs while they’re on the go.

Streamline your back office by eliminating the paper trail and ensuring that invoices are sent out quickly.

Additionally, your electricians may be required to complete forms and risk assessments upon arrival at the job. Once received in the back office, a competent individual can further edit completed forms.

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Engineer dispatch
Web and apps

Complete your electrical certificates using Fieldorbit's electrician mobile app

Certificates can be digitised using Fieldorbit’s electrician software.

On-site certificates can be filled out using a mobile app by electricians.

Therefore, you will never have to worry about carrying around paper documents.

Let the system to deal with your clients

Automated client communication

A client communication has become more important than ever in the age of information.

This is made possible by Fieldorbit’s electricians software, which provides real-time status updates and alerts to contacts on the progress of jobs.

Upon the arrival of an engineer, customers can be informed via email or SMS, with follow-up emails sent automatically upon completion of the job.

Job reports, photos, service sheets, and asset information can be attached to these documents. Due to its benefits for both the business and its customers, job management software for electricians also relieves a lot of administrative work.

Remind clients of their booking time, request payment of a bill, or follow up on a quote via email or SMS.

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Best electrician software for job costing

Automated job costing – invoice immediately.

As an electrician, you can manage your invoices while on the go and edit your draught invoices with Fieldorbit’s electrician software.

It is possible to send invoices via email and to change the invoice’s status.

Using the mobile app, you can create and manage invoices and send them immediately after a job is completed.

Jobs can be grouped together in the billing process, which will improve the process even further.

In this way, electrical contractors can group together multiple completed jobs into a single invoice, reducing their administrative burden.

Accounting packages do not require that invoice entries be entered twice.

So as to reduce the risk of double-entry, our system automatically syncs up with Xero and other packages.

Organised your company assets

Track asset history

The work of an electrician includes the installation and inspection of a wide range of customer assets in both commercial and residential properties.

With Fieldorbit’s electrician software, assets can be updated from the job site, work history can be tracked, and assets can be added to contracts and planned preventive maintenance schedules.

Suppose you know what assets are installed at each property. In that case, you’ll be able to record any type of information about them.

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Be professional

Features designed for businesses


To increase sales, create and send professional quotations to your customer base.

Job creation

Creating jobs and recurring jobs in seconds saves admin time.


Job scheduling is made easy with the drag and drop scheduler.


Jobs can be used to generate invoices and multi-job invoices in seconds.

Using mobile applications

Apps for iOS and Android that work both online and offline are available for fieldworkers.

Tracking of job opportunities

Update jobs instantly by creating your own job statuses and working with field workers to do so.

Employee Locations

Your staff’s location can be tracked and viewed in real time on a map.


Complete commercial and domestic compliance forms, as well as other forms, using the Field App.

A list of people to contact

Customers, suppliers, and contractors should all be in one place.

Current stock levels and costs

Manage stock items, as well as save money on services, such as cleaning and maintenance.

Real-time tracking is possible

Visualise in real-time the location of your field workers on a map.

Updates in Real-Time

Stay in touch with your customers and make them happy with automated and scheduled messages.

Available 24/7

Easy for both the office and the field

When your electricians might be out in the field doing what they do best, the last thing you need to be doing is teaching them how to utilise a sophisticated piece of software.

Fieldorbit’s electrician software/app is simple and uncomplicated that can be downloaded to your field team’s smartphones.

Any user, regardless of skill level, will be able to use it. Adding a new customer or work to the system is a breeze, and your admin team will find Fieldorbit to be a delight to use even without much training.

Almost every aspect of your company can be better connected, automated, and in sync. This can have a huge influence on your bottom line as well as your ability to expand.

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Easier communication

Effective communication

To keep your customers happy and maximise your earning potential, you have to rely on excellent communication between office-based employees and field-based staff as an electrical service provider.

Fieldorbit’s electrician software has features that make connecting with field employees easier than before.

Integrate with third party apps


The electrician software from Fieldorbit is a powerful, user-friendly field service management solution with a number of straightforward integrations.

Allow Fieldorbit’s electrician / electrical engineer software to manage your field service while QuickBooks and Xero take care of your bookkeeping.

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What to Consider When Choosing Electrical Engineer Software

It is a tool to organise your business. Get Fieldorbit’s electrician software if you want to manage your business, schedule, track engineers, inventory, invoicing, payments and report.

Fieldorbit’s electrician software is the best. With Fieldorbit, you will be able to manage your electrician business effectively and efficiently.

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