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Cloud-based property maintenance software. It is designed for property maintenance businesses. Get your business organised with one of the best systems.

Best property maintenance software

What is property maintenance software?

The property maintenance software assists property managers, owners, and operators by simplifying and automating the administrative procedures and running properties.

Most importantly, property maintenance software can help your organisation with a high degree of success regardless of whether you own residential property or commercial property.

Property maintenance is also a commonly used term to describe building maintenance.

In fact, Fieldorbit’s system provides the solution you need to manage your business efficiently and effectively.

Here are some core features you can expect to find:

  • Lead manage management
  • Estimate / Quotation
  • Work order management
  • Stock control management
  • Assets management
  • Gas and electrical certificates
  • Reporting
  • Meter readings
  • Contract management
  • Warranty tracking
  • Integrations
  • Invoicing
  • Payments

Best property maintenance software

Fieldorbit’s comprehensive property maintenance software makes use of the cloud-based web and mobile applications to organise and streamline maintenance activities.

Most importantly, Fieldorbit is transforming property maintenance workflows by integrating processes that involve field and office employees in the process of updating and maintaining the property while also using the cutting-edge scheduling software. This leads to happier employees and speedier completion of the work.

Regardless of the kind of property maintenance service you provide, your business’s most significant challenges remain the same. Streamlining job management to help field engineers deliver accurate, up-to-date information to customers is crucial. If you are looking for a maintenance solution, Fieldorbit’s software can help.

Web and apps

Effective property maintenance software programs

For property maintenance service providers, keeping clients satisfied and maximising their earning potential relied on excellent communication between office-based staff and field staff. When it comes to arranging work in the field, Fieldorbit’s property maintenance scheduling software helps improve communications.

In fact, Fieldorbit’s software is the most efficient way to manage a task and allows managers to manage their jobs effortlessly and keep an eye on their progress all in real-time. Job risk can be discovered promptly, providing the company time to address outstanding key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs). Ensuring that your team is following all requirements by tracking the statuses of all jobs is important.

Available 24/7

Property maintenance solutions for maintaining residential and commercial Properties

Property maintenance organisations find Fieldorbit’s software is an ideal option.

Fieldorbit’s software allows your maintenance team to accept and finish jobs, as well as change status, upload images and certificates.

In fact, Fieldorbit’s building maintenance and management software provide a robust and straightforward management solution that eliminates ongoing managing problems.

A powerful software that connects all of your employees and handles your complete business.

property maintenance software programs
Best gas service management software

Keep track of all kinds of customers

Fieldorbit allows you to follow any customers, whether landlords, estate agents, individual tenants, or commercial organisations. You’ll be able to access client contact information, employment history, asset records and communication logs using a simple, searchable customer database.

Your field engineers will know exactly what work has been done in the past and how to serve the customers when they get on service location effectively.

Available 24/7

Improved property-maintenance invoicing

Fieldorbit’s property management software allows businesses total flexibility in invoicing. While some companies like to invoice jobs individually, others prefer to make a batch invoice; Fieldorbit can help with both.

Fieldorbit’s software can also assist speed up the process by providing firms with real-time project completion information and expenses.

Companies can ensure a more effective billing process while maintaining a high level of professionalism by adding configurable invoice templates and automated customer email scheduling.

Software for property maintenance companies
Plan your jobs

Drag-and-drop scheduling for maintenance jobs

Appointments can be booked and rearranged quickly and easily using the drag-and-drop scheduler.

For your employees, it’s never been easier to keep up with the fast-paced schedule changes in your business. It’s easy to stay organised using Fieldorbit’s property maintenance software.

Keep your customer happy

Software for property maintenance companies

Multiple building management, compliance needs, worker efficiency, and customer expectations are difficult for the building and property maintenance business. Fieldorbit’s software for property maintenance companies allows you to tackle complicated problems and run your business more efficiently.

Maintenance companies can rely on Fieldorbit’s software to keep their jobs on track and their clients informed. Jobs can be scheduled more efficiently, routes may be optimised, quotations and bills can be sent by email.

Set up jobs, track field engineer’s locations, and receive notifications when a project is complete. Send automatic payment reminders and accept payments promptly. It’s easy to save time with Fieldorbit’s software for property maintenance companies.

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Keep your customer happy

Provide your customer with planned maintenance alerts

Recurring inspections and services can be set up so that customers are automatically reminded when maintenance is due. Your reminders can be set to recur at any time interval.

Fieldorbit’s property maintenance software can handle weekly, monthly and annual services.

To keep your customers informed and reduce your manual paperwork, you need automated service reminders.

Centralise all of your work requests with the property maintenance software programs

Keep your customer happy
  • Using a timer, staff can easily keep track of all the time they spend on each task.
  • Office staff can plan realistic PM schedules based on reliable data collected directly from technicians’ smartphones.
  • Increase your productivity by reducing interruptions.
    Comments and status updates on work orders should take the place of radio chatter and phone calls.

Invoice management for property maintenance businesses

Keep your customer happy

Getting paid and increasing cash flow are important for any business.

Fieldorbit offers features for creating estimates, sending invoices, tracking unpaid balances, and calculating revenue for works.

It also offers purchase order management, automatic reminders for unpaid invoices.

Reliable quoting/estimating for property maintenance companies

Keep your customer happy

Property maintenance companies can greatly improve their quote-generating abilities with Fieldorbit.

It is possible for them to send professional email templates to customers with an immediate approval process and log quotes for future remedial work.

By allowing customers to approve quotes directly through the client portal, the client portal helps minimise paperwork and time constraints.

New email tracking functionality allows maintenance companies to keep track of all payments and quotes that are still pending.

Multiple assets management

Keep your customer happy

Fieldorbit’s software provides businesses with the ability to create a single work order for multiple assets. A search tool displays asset profiles when users search for nameplate data, warranty numbers, asset names, or other identifying details.
Get the solution now to keep asset relationships organised and centralise all asset information into a single database.

Made small business communication easier

Keep your customer happy

Fieldorbit’s software can generate and send automated reports to stakeholders such as maintenance managers that alert them when an asset goes offline.

Most importantly, your employees can set up automated alerts that send users emails about work order updates and notifications of low stock level or recurring maintenance tasks.

Third-party integrations

Keep your customer happy

Fieldorbit’s property maintenance software is comprehensive and one of the best property maintenance software and user-friendly solutions.

Above all, Fieldorbit’s software can handle your maintenance business, while QuickBooks and Xero handle your accounts.

Customer Reviews

"I am using Fieldorbit for property maintenance. Fieldorbit does not have a steep learning curve, and I can set up and work in no time. This has been extremely helpful for me as it allows me to spend more time working on the properties rather than learning a new software platform."
Gemma Byrne
“Fieldorbit is the best software I’ve ever seen for the property maintenance business. It’s easy to use and has a lot of useful features, such as online payments and online invoices. Despite working with Fieldorbit, we have never had any problems. We all love this software!"
Alton Pacheco
“I use Fieldorbit for all my property maintenance business needs, and I am 100% satisfied by the results. Fieldorbit is efficient and easy to use, and it saves time on my part. I recommend it to anyone who has a property repairs or maintenance business.”
Esha Gaines


What to consider when choosing a software

There is no doubt that it streamlines and automates property maintenance companies’ routine tasks and duties on an ongoing basis.

Many platforms charge £20 or $25 per user. In the UK, a user pays £45 or other countries a user pays $50 a month for the professional edition.

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