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Electrical Certification Software
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Best BS 7671 electrical certification software

Electricians who need to create electrical certificates should use Fieldorbit’s electrical certification software. It eliminates the time and effort required to write certificates by hand, allowing the electrical certificate software to quickly generate professional-looking certificates.

Fieldorbit’s electrical certification software is simple and easy to use. It is a leading electrical safety certification software. In addition to local electricians and electrical contractors, it is also trusted by the NICEIC & NAPIT electricians, construction firms, property maintenance companies, and local authorities for their BS7671 Electrical safety certifications.


Electrical certification and reporting software that is hosted in the cloud.

The electrical certificate software from Fieldorbit is cloud-based.
Create and manage your account from any location. Most importantly, the software includes all of the capabilities you’ll need to keep track of your electrical certificate administration. The electrical certificates from Fieldorbit comply with the latest IET wiring standards.

Using centralised, paperless documentation, you can streamline your business. Your digital electrical certificates are safe and accessible with Fieldorbit. This guarantees that you have up-to-date EICR on hand at all times.

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Web and apps

Streamline and organise digital electrical certificates/ EICR

Electrical certificate software is an ideal tool for engineers in the field. On your mobile device or tablet, you can view a complete list of gas safety certificates.

Customers’ information and job histories can be simply shared and preserved with these.

Electrical certificate software is an excellent tool for field engineers.

Fieldorbit gives you access to a complete list of electrical safety certificates on your mobile device or tablet.

Customers’ information and job histories can be simply shared and preserved with these.

Available 24/7

Enter data and share your electrical certificates on the go

Save time on administrative tasks. Engineers can easily enter data on the fly with Fieldorbit’s electrical certificate software. Best way to monitor electrical appliances or doing on-site electrical safety checks.

Most crucially, you can transfer digital electrical certifications in real-time with Fieldorbit’s electrical certification software. You’ll never have to rely on the office to give out paper copies of finished electrical certificates if you use Fieldorbit.

You may now email them to customers electronically while on-site, as soon as they’re finished.

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Best safety certificate software

Best electrical certification to capture signatures Electronically

Electrical certifications software from Fieldorbit enables capturing client signatures in the field. This is perfect for expediting the client sign-off process by guaranteeing that papers such as the EICR may be approved right away.

Your engineers can record all of the required signatures on-site in a matter of seconds, ensuring that their work is lawful.

This information is also available in real-time to office workers.
When an electrical certificate is created on-site, you can save even more time by auto-filling customer information.

It isn’t necessary to manually duplicate their information each time.
This reduces your engineers’ administrative workload by half and allows them to focus on the task at hand.

Available 24/7

Drag-and-drop Scheduling

You can keep your mobile engineers organised with drag-and-drop job scheduling.

Creating jobs and changing appointments takes seconds with Fieldorbit’s electrical safety certification software.

When a new diary event occurs, your field engineers will be notified, and they will be able to view their schedules on their smartphone or tablet.

Because the programme is constantly syncing, everyone is kept up to date whether jobs are created on mobile or desktop.

Drag-and-drop scheduling electrical certifications
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Plan your certificates

Customise online electrical safety certificates with simple software

To make your company stand out, you can customise electrical certificates with your own logos and colour schemes.

Your works will be instantly saved in the cloud, allowing you to access and change them from anywhere.

When work is over, all it takes is a few simple clicks to submit your new, professional documents to the customer.

Manage end to end

End to end job management

Fieldorbit’s electrical certifications software can be used for a lot more than just producing certificates. Our all-in-one field service software helps you to manage your whole team of electricians more effectively.

Popular features include:

  • Create Jobs
  • Scheduling
  • Engineer route optimisation
  • Keep customers informed
  • CRM
  • Live engineer tracking
  • Customisable quotes, invoices, job sheets and more
  • Appointment reminders

Learn more about electrician software.

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Track accepted or rejected jobs

Track jobs that are accepted and rejected by the electrician

With Fieldorbit’s electrical certificate software, you can schedule a job for multiple engineers. They can accept or reject the jobs.

Office staff will be able to track and reschedule the jobs to another electrician. It is that much easier with Fieldorbit.

Always improving


The software from Fieldorbit is a powerful, user-friendly field service management solution with a number of straightforward integrations.
Allow Fieldorbit’s electrical engineers to manage your field service while QuickBooks and Xero take care of your bookkeeping.

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Billing and Payments​ Software
Increase cashflow

Billing and Payments

Fieldorbit’s electrical certificates software was built from the ground up to manage field engineers, billing and invoicing. Electricians may use their mobile to keep track of their time and materials, which can then be easily translated into an invoice.

Finish the invoice, sync it with accounting software, and send a copy to the customer with the help of your office staff.

Your customer can make a direct payment to you from their bank account.

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Customer Reviews

"I'm a certified electrical technician with over 12 years of experience and I've been using Fieldorbit for the last 3 years. It has been a really helpful tool for me because it makes it very easy to keep track of all the certifications you need to renew every year. I would definitely recommend this software for anyone in the industry."
Customer reviews
Jayda Mayer
“Fieldorbit is a great product and I recommend it to everyone, but one thing that people don't mention too often is how easy the interface is. I've worked with several different certifications software before and found them to be clunky and hard to navigate, but Fieldorbit's interface was effortless. It's really enjoyable to work with such a user-friendly program!"
Customer reviews for software
Anton Drummond
“I love Fieldorbit! I was really struggling with how to manage my certificates for a while. It was a big hassle and I had to carry around a bunch of paper ones in my wallet. When I found Fieldorbit, it took all that weight off my shoulders. With their software, I am able to use the app on my phone anytime and anywhere."
Customer reviews for certificate software
Alessia Shepard

Electrical Certificate Software FAQ:

What to Consider When Choosing Electrical Safety Certificates Software

It is a tool to create certificates and EICR for landlords, homeowners and businesses.

You can manage scheduling, communications, certificate creation, billing, reporting, and much more using gas engineer software. You can streamline your workload and provide the greatest service to your customers by keeping everyone in real-time sync.

Fieldorbit’s software is the best software. With Fieldorbit, you will be able to manage your entire business effectively and efficiently.

Electrical certification software is a tool that allows for electronic certification of electrical installations. It can be used by electricians to certify that the installation meets current standards, or it can be used by engineers to manage project certifications.

It makes it easier for installing firms to provide documentation for their work, and it also saves time since the applications are usually compatible with smart devices. The software has many use cases, but its most popular one is that it reduces costs, risks and time for installation firms.

Electric certification software is a relatively new and emerging field. As such, it can be difficult to gauge the prices of these products on the market. However, the price largely depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a single product that handles all your electrical inspection needs then it will be more expensive than if you were only interested in one product.

An electric certification software can cost anywhere from $50 to $5,000 depending on what features are needed by the user.

With the help of electrical certification app and software, you can generate reports that are accurate and do not require manual input. It will save time on data entry that would otherwise be spent on reading through the reports.

Electrical certificate software is widely used in companies across various industries.

The answer depends on what you are looking for. For example, if you are looking for software to help you become certified in the US electrical industry, then yes, it is free. However, if you are looking for software that will help you with the certification process in all engineering industries around the world, then no.

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